DRUG STORE/CHEAP Cosmetics I love

My fave 5: Cheap/ Drugstore Make up

l.a girl pic

L.A Girl Pro HD Concealer: This is such a nice creamy concealer, I was originally using the NYX HD photo ready concealer which looked good in photos but made me look pale and ashy at times and dries too quick. The L.A girl pro is so easy to bend as well and the colour gives me more of a golden brown look, I love it. I got mine from eBay from this link. Arrived within a couple of days.

sleek highlighter

 Sleek glo face and body bronze highlighter: It’s actually quite pigmented and good for the price doesn’t last all day but definitely a few hours.. long enough. It was given to me as a gift and the only place I’ve been able to find it when I looked was the sleek website however they are often out of stock so eBay is good bet.


maybelline fit me matte

Maybelline Matte+Poreless foundation: This is a good .. doesn’t come in chocolate girl colors in Australia though which I instagramed Maybelline about.. more on the lack of chocolate girl options will be talked about in depth in another post….


elf liq eyeliner

Elf liquid eyeliner: This liner good because for people like me who are not seasoned make up pros, we need something that goes on easily and is easy to manouver if your hand is not that steady. I started off doing cat eyeliner with the felt pens like Lancôme and Maybelline but I find this one is easier to use and it has a very dark finish.

nyx eyebrowpencil_main

NYX eyebrow pencil: I have this one in dark brown and it gives me LIFE. It has a brush on the other end so that you can keep those rogue hairs in line! I have also used the thin lizzy one and much prefer this one because it comes on a but thicker and stronger.

Maroon Nails

I’ve been a nail enthusiast for quite a few years and the nail game is at the height of its fashion hype right now. Heaps of styles, methods, colours and artists are popping up and the skill of the art is increasing rapidly. I remember my first nail inspiration was Rihanna who was one of the first to start wearing really long nails in the pointy style as an edgy fashion statement…. Fast forward a few years and I’ve gone through a lot of colours and styles but I normally stay in my comfort zone, which is usually soft and pastel colours. This time I decided to go for a more mature and classy Maroon/mauve colour.

Nails were done by Tend who is starting out a brand called Fleek Nails Perth follow her new page @fleek_nails_perth. The following is just a short clip of the process and result..Enjoy!

Hannibal King – Floral Prints

Hannibal King

The Queens based villain is back with the Floral Print LP, which is his first album to feature himself on the mic as well as handling all the production.
This full length digital album by Hannibal King contains 14 original tracks, guest appearances from 21 Quest, Adrian Lau, Alpsko, ARXV, Bryant Dope, Bub Styles and Jabee blend together well.
What you’ll find is a mix of hip hop, jazz and psychedelic sounds, accompanied with strong horns, wavy piano, tranquil strings and amazing old soulful vocals, all over classic boom bap drums, set the environment.
Floral Print is a very enjoyable listen that will have you lost in the music and want to light one up.
Get this for free here